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Damzl 'dam-zl n.:  girl or maiden with a sense of adventure beyond the norm  2:  half girl, half machine, see bionic.

We are very excited to get the word out about our new line of women's freeriding gear.  Join the growing list of women who want to be the first to see our gear and join the movement we call Feminize The Machine!  Become a Damzl, create an account.   

Contact DAMZL at 866-41-DAMZL 

Visit Us at Facebook! www.hookit.com


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We have a line of freeriding gear for women. We have shirts, pants, beanies, gloves, stickers, buckles, hats and other cool stuff. Join our growing followers in facebook. Let's "Feminize the Machine"!
Damzl Flag 2x3 with grommets
Damzl Flag 2x3 with grommets

This safty flag is specially designed for any UTV, Buggy, or motorized vehicle.

Damzl Flag 2x3 with grommets
Houndz Tooth Pant
Houndz Tooth Pant
Houndz Tooth Pant
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