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Inland Empire local MXGirl Meika Cornelius kicked some serious butt at the Texas 2006 Z1R WMA Cup. She is back home from a very successful and memorable trip. Not only did Meika get a nice brand new CRF250 to start off her 2007 race season with, Meika also decided to take her riding to the next level with entering into the Pro Class at Texas.

On the gate with the best of the best, J. Patterson, A. Nix, and V. Florentino (who rounded up top 3), Meika is now on the road to victory, looking to join these top riders on the podium for 2007.

Meika is one of the few and passionate riders I know who show a very serious level of self pride and growth when it comes to her racing. Meika is not taking baby steps on the field of WMA Riders, Meika is charging up the ranks. With only a couple years of serious racing under her belt and a couple sideline injuries, watching Meika grow with the help of her parents has been a very respectable voyage to absorb.

Im definately going to be a Meika Cornelius fan for the 2007 race season. I think we are going to see some amazing talent out of this racer. I know by seeing her in action, Ive always thought to myself that this MXGirl rides with the style and grace of some of the top men riders in this sport, keep an eye on this MXGirl...

Till next time.


Now Check out the Interview Questions Meika spilled her heart into :-) lol....

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MJ - Why did you pick Texas to go PRO ?
MC -My plan about going pro was...if i did good and felt good during the amateur race in Texas, I could go turn pro and race in the Pro Class at the end of the week. but...I found out about a week before Texas that Pro's have to pre-enter and sign up... so it was a last minute decision to just go for it, and im glad i did :)
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MJ - How did it feel on the gate with the PRO's for the 1st time ?
MC -I definately didnt feel as much pressure on the gate as I normally felt on the Amateur gate, so it wasnt as nerve wrecking, its just getting used to being called a "Pro" now and knowing that people are really watching you because of it.
MJ - What classes did you race and how did you place?
MC - I raced Womens Intermediate-8th, College girl- 1st, and Womens Pro- 10th *Racing in Texas they did the 1 moto a day format, and i think its cool to race that format, but at the same time it kind of sucks because one day your on top of game, feelin awesome and the next it can be just... "one of those off days"* lol
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MJ -What was your biggest fear before you arrived in Texas?
MC - dont think i had a fear, and if i did i must have forgot about it..which is probably a good thing...i guess it kind of goes with the whole "Dont talk about crash'es before you race" kind of deal...?, lol ...plus.. your not going to get very far if you let fear get in your way! : )
MJ - Who would you like to Thank for getting you to where you are today?
MC - My parents! Damzl Fuel, Answer Racing, West Coast Motorsports, Utopia Optics, Zlt, Dunlop, ASV, Gaerne, Renthal, Nova Racing, and thanx to all my friends and family for all their support!

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